Wow! So, it’s 2010. Where has the time gone? My holidays were especially joyful this year. Celebrating with a child for the first time was very special. I hope you too had a memorable season and that you got both our Top 10 Eclipse Countdown and our holiday card at the end of last year. Our big news this month is that we have a brand new e-newsletter design. READ MORE

Our big news this month is that we have a brand new design for Zerion’s e-newsletter. The newsletter has looked the same since we launched it in 2007; and, while I loved the look and have some sentimental feelings about it, I am ready for a change. With this, we are introducing “The Link” Zerion blog, which will become the home for our newsletter’s stories and will serve as a place where we can post news and information throughout the month. Indeed, change is exciting! I’d love to hear what you think about our new look.

I’m also happy to announce a new team member. A new hire is a great way to start our the year. And, I’m really looking forward to filling in for some of you so that you can attend Summit this March.

I have no doubt that 2010 is going to be a year of rebuilding, growth and better times. Cheers!

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