Do you ever wish that you could keep backordered items from printing on the bottom of a ship ticket? Well, you can. All you have to do to prevent this is type !NOBO on the first line of the shipping instructions in the header of your sales ticket. You can still enter shipping instructions on the second and subsequent lines. This is very useful if you have many releases off of large orders. You can also load this at the customer level as well aif you don’t want any backorders to print.

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3 Responses to Eclipse Tip of the Month: !NOBO

  1. John Cain says:

    Are there other “instructions” that can be entered on this first line like the !NOBO? Is there a listing of these instructions anywhere?

  2. mktzerion says:

    Mr. Cain,

    We’re not aware of any other instructions that can be entered like !NOBO can. However, you can load !NOBO into the default shipping instructions at the customer level as well.

    We think of our tips on an as-needed basis for the newsletter, so we aren’t pulling from a pre-developed list. But, you can see our past ones in the newsletter archive on our web site ( We’re considering putting these into a more user-friendly format and we’ll let you know if that becomes available. Thanks for reading and let us know if we can be of more assistance!

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