We hear people talk about file back-ups, battery back-ups and data tapes. In today’s age, it’s not even unusual to have a complete and elaborate data recovery plan in case of disaster. There’s no doubt that backing up your data is good, and being prepared is smart. But what about backing up your staff? In these lean times, our customers have fewer IT and operations resources. Where there used to be at least two or three people who knew Eclipse inside and out, or handful of people who could make strategic purchasing, receiving, warehouse or inventory decisions, now there often is only one per location. What happens if that person can’t make it to work tomorrow? Or worse, can’t make it to work ever again?

Let’s get a little less dramatic for a second and think about a very real scenario: the Activant Summit is coming up on March 10 – 13 in Washington, DC. Wouldn’t it be great if that person (or people) could attend Summit and find out the latest and greatest from Activant? After all, growth opportunities are important, especially when resources are limited. But, how will they leave the office behind? And if they do, is remote support and decision making really going to cut it?

Enter Zerion. This year, we’re not going to Summit. We’re sticking around to back you up. We want to be your go-to Eclipse and operational back-up year-round, so we’re offering a special deal for Summit. For a flat fee less than our standard rates, we’ll send a consultant to your office while you (or your key employee/s) go to Summit. Our consultant can be on-site to offer general IT support, answer Eclipse questions, put out any operational fires, and release you from the burden of a lean staff.

Limited resources are available to fill slots, so book today. Contact Tony King at 321.229.1089.

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