Images are 95px by 95pxZerion is coming to a city near you! For the past two years, our trainers have led the Eclipse UFO’s Regional Training sessions throughout North America. This year, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be joining the User’s Group for regional roundtable discussions. Instead of typical instructor-led training classes, our team will facilitate one-day discussions in a variety of cities on key Eclipse topics.

This format has brought good attendance and positive feedback from members in the past. It allows attendees to learn best practices from each other, while also getting feedback from an Eclipse expert. The Zerion instructor will stimulate conversation based on an outline; and users will be able to hear from their peers about what is or isn’t working for them, as well as ask questions of each other and the instructor. Each roundtable presents a great opportunity to make Eclipse work better for you.

Mary Barlow, the UFO’s executive director, said, “I am really excited about our 2010 training offerings. We’ve listened to our users and provided more opportunities for them to learn from one another. I look forward to seeing many of your names on our class registrations lists this year!”

The UFO will be offering Pricing and Sales Management roundtables on consecutive days; plus  Report Writer and User -Defined screens, separately, on consecutive days.

Pricing and Sales Management will be offered in three different cities, starting on April 7 and 8 in Birmingham, Alabama. Pricing topics will include authorizations, rounding rules, settings to help in a down economy, and increasing margins, just to name a few; while Sales Management topics will include commissions, human resources and top 5 screens for a manager.

Report Writer and User-Defined screens will be offered in five different cities, beginning in San Jose, California in June. We’ll share more information about these roundtables as they get closer.

In addition to on-site roundtables, cost-effective online training options will be available throughout the year. The UFO has expanded its web-based training from years past to include more classes and discussion opportunities. Two or two-and-a-half hour webinars (led by Zerion) began in early February and will resume again in April after the Activant Summit. In addition, online roundtables are available every month.

For a complete schedule of in-person and online options, click here. To learn more about the UFO or to become a member, visit their site.

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