Images are 95px by 95px Ahh, the Winter Olympics! Many of us have spent the last few weeks immersed in the excitement, tragedy and beauty of this season’s biggest event. It takes me back just a few short years ago to when we all were watching the Summer Olympics. Alonzo wrote an article about the “Zerion Olympics” we perform for our clients. He said, “… all that time on the couch got me thinking – between the widely-celebrated opening ceremonies, the massive scheduling and production, and the amazing athletic performances, everyone involved with the Olympics spent a great deal of time preparing for one of the biggest moments of their careers. But, most people don’t think about the work, they only focus on the result. It’s the same with ERP software installations and business management consulting.“ He added, “The goal of partnering with us is often to increase gross margin, standardize processes or streamline operations;, but what it takes to get there is the accomplishment.”

Pretty profound, eh? (Get it, “eh”? Vancouver Olympics? Anyone?! Okay, nevermind.) I’m not trying to toot our own horn; but, I did enjoy reflecting on this piece and getting some warm fuzzies about the work we’ve done for clients over the past four years.

He closed with another gem, “While it may not be as impressive or exciting as the events of the last few weeks, it’s as if we participate in our own little Olympics every day. When we walk away from a company that is operating more efficiently because of us, we feel like a gold medal team. And I think that’s something to be proud of, even without the worldwide applause.”

Even though our archives are packed with good content, I don’t refer back to past newsletters very often (though I found I kind of liked it, so maybe I should do it more often!).  Apparently this month is special, because I also referenced a past column in this month’s feature on purchasing. As business owners and managers, sometimes we realize that the tried and true approach is the best. Other times, we have to test out something new, like tweaking the training offerings for the UFO this year, introducing a new tool to run your business better, or printing a second pick ticket for your wire room or yard. So, all in all, I guess what this month’s newsletter is about is finding what works and sticking with it; yet always being open to new opportunities and methods. I hope you do the same in your business.

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