Images are 95px by 95pxDid you hear about the Eclipse Users Group roundtables? The first ones will cover Pricing and Sales management and are coming up April 7 and 8 in Birmingham, Alabama. If you’re near the area and you aren’t registered yet, what are you waiting for?

We’re partnered with the UFO to offer you an opportunity to learn best practices from each other, while also getting feedback from an Eclipse expert. The Zerion instructor will stimulate conversation based on an outline; and users will be able to hear from their peers about what is or isn’t working for them, as well as ask questions of each other and the instructor.

Pricing topics will include authorizations, rounding rules, settings to help in a down economy, and increasing margins, just to name a few; while Sales Management topics will include commissions, human resources and top 5 screens for a manager.

And don’t forget, the UFO is always offering cost-effective online training options with Zerion instructors. April’s schedule includes a variety of classes on Purchasing, as well as a class on Rebates. To register for the roundtables or webinars, visit the UFO’s web site.

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