Zerion is proud to welcome some more new faces to our Eclipse services team. This month, Susana Armstrong as well as Steve and Peggy Gonter joined the ranks as Zerion Consultants.

Images are 95px by 95pxSusana is an old friend from our days at Hughes (now HD Supply). She was part of Hughes’  IT department and worked  as an Eclipse support technician for six years. Prior to that, she learned the system while working in the Accounts Payable department.

Susana will primarily be responsible for teaching our web-based learning classes, both for Zerion and the UFO. She’ll soon be releasing a brand new, ongoing schedule of low-cost remote learning opportunities for Eclipse users.

Images are 95px by 95pxSteve and Peggy are a long-time husband and wife team in the distribution IT arena. They’ve spent the last 12 years providing implementation, programming, support and project management services to businesses using Eclipse software. They also each have 10 years experience supporting SHIMS Software on UniVerse.

The addition of Steve and Peggy extends our services to include more comprehensive programming for Eclipse users.

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2 Responses to Look Who’s Training Now

  1. Jack Whitwam says:

    Welcome aboard Peggy and Steve. What a great team. With the obvious recent departures from Eclipse from some key personnel in the development department (Don Sarno in particular), Eclipse users through Zerion and this team have options.

    Options and choices, that is what Zerion delivers.

  2. Jack Whitwam says:

    What a welcome addition to have Suzanna join the Zerion team.

    Suzanna not only brings a wealth of experience with the Eclipse solution, but her real world and practical experience in the distribution world brings Zerion customers with an additional dimension to their traning experience.

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