Images are 95px by 95pxMemorial Day weekend is upon us and it feels as though summer is officially kicking off. When we think about summertime, we usually think of barbecues, firecrackers and pool time … words synonymous with the month of July.  But this July, most Activant Eclipse users will be dealing with a different kind of firecracker that’s not as much fun … one called PCI compliance.

At this point, most of you have probably heard a lot about PCI compliance, and are well aware of what it means for you. You probably know that PCI stands for Payment Card Industry; and, that being compliant means protecting your customers’ sensitive information. You probably know that processing, storing or transmitting credit card information makes you responsible for maintaining a secure data environment. And, you probably know that, as of July 1, all Visa merchants (including those using Eclipse’s built-in credit card processing) are required to have a PCI compliance solution in place.

But … something you may NOT know is that you have OPTIONS! That’s right, options. Choices. Alternatives.

Activant has presented its users with a PCI compliance solution that will integrate with Eclipse. This solution, coupled with implementation costs, comes with a hefty price tag.  Some users may feel a little backed into a corner; and, we admit, that is somewhat the case. However, we’ve spent a great deal of time gaining an understanding of the PCI compliance landscape; and, we’d like to urge you to think of your place in this little corner as an OPPORTUNITY. We know, we know, that sounds a little idealistic; but we’re for real.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Negotiation. Approaching PCI compliance deadlines have caused a lot of movement in the credit card processing marketplace. Yet,  the economy is still down. This means it’s a great time for negotiation. Even if you continue using Eclipse’s credit card processing, and purchase Activant’s solution for compliance (Element), you should consider trying to re-negotiate your processing rates. This could potentially MORE than cover the cost of becoming PCI compliant.
  2. Ignorance. You can continue using your current payment module with Eclipse.  Your assessment for not being PCI compliant will be $25 to $50 per month per location depending on your current merchant services provider.  Not being PCI compliant also means that you will be held liable for any and all fraudulent transactions that occur by any means. (Alright, not such a great option. But an option nonetheless.)
  3. Change Vendors. You can purchase the Element PCI compliant module for Eclipse and consider utilizing a DIFFERENT company to handle your processing (gateway) … potentially, one with a much lower rate. One to consider is NXGEN (full disclosure: have a working a relationship with them).
  4. Internet Gateway. You can use an Internet secure gateway offered by one of many competitors, such as NXGEN. This product is not fully integrated with Eclipse as Element is; but, it does work with the system; and it’s free and fully PCI compliant.
  5. Batch Terminals. You can choose to use a stand alone credit card terminal or a non-integrated payment gateway, which are both PCI compliant.

So, how’s that for emerging from a corner? You may not be back on your side of the court with the ball in hand; but, we think it at least provides you a little more elbow room.

As always, Zerion is here to provide you with independent, unbiased Eclipse consulting services. Our mission is to help you start saving money now, regardless of your credit card processing choices. We’d be happy to talk you through your options in more detail, or get you a quote from NXGEN. Until July 1, we’re offering free consulting on PCI compliance. Get in touch!

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