Images are 95px by 95pxIn a special order deposit situation, you’re taking money before the product is available.  As such, there’s an open ticket for the product with a deposit. This control file in Sales Order Entry automatically applies the deposit to the ticket when it’s printed. For each location of your company, you can select whether the system applies sales deposits and/or credit balance invoices to the A/R when the next order segment ships and creates an invoice. If you leave this record blank, the default is D. Here are all of the options to consider:

  • N-No Auto Apply – Displays all deposits as unapplied receipts in the Cash Receipts program. Users must manually apply the deposits.
  • D-Deposits Only – Auto-applies any deposit received prior to an invoice segment being shipped.
  • A-All Credit Bals – Auto-applies all deposits and credit balance invoices.

Note: Each of the above options only applies to deposits and credits occurring on the same order number transaction. We recommend that you assign one of the choices to each branch.

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