Images are 95px by 95px(ORLANDO, FL) July 29, 2010 — On August 8, Zerion Group (Zerion), an Orlando-based software sales and consulting firm, will celebrate its fifth anniversary.

“Considering the reality that 550,000 small businesses close each year, it’s exciting to celebrate that we’ve not only made it to this important five-year milestone, but that we’ve been able to continue our success in a down economy,” said Jack Whitwam, president and CEO at Zerion. He added, “I’m so proud of my team and thankful for the incredible support and loyalty we’ve received from customers and vendors. This achievement is something to be proud of.”

Zerion was founded by four entrepreneurs who met as employees at a large distribution company. Their team implemented an ERP business management system (Activant Eclipse) in hundreds of locations across the country that distributed construction-related products. They provided project management, software training, on-site consulting and support for the entire organization’s operations.

After completing a four-year, company-wide implementation, the need for a team of their size was diminishing. However, their attendance at an annual software users’ group conference sparked an idea: thousands of other distributors and organizations throughout the country are in need of the same customer-oriented, solution driven, ERP implementation and support services they had been providing internally.

Zerion’s founders set out to work with their present employer on a mutually beneficial solution: to dissolve their existing implementation team, yet maintain a job for every team member. On August 8, 2005, Zerion began operating as an independent service provider with many of the team’s original staff and management; and, their former employer became one of their first clients.

Since that time, Zerion has expanded beyond software services for wholesale distributors by adding a division focused on selling SAP Business One. An integrated, affordable business management application designed specifically for small and growing businesses, SAP Business One extends the benefits of SAP’s business applications to a new and rapidly growing segment of customers.  As an authorized channel partner for SAP Business One, Zerion provides the region’s businesses with the technology, business process and consulting knowledge to easily adopt successful, long-term IT strategies.

About Zerion

With main offices in Orlando and Tampa, and virtual offices around the country, Zerion is a software sales and consulting firm. They have hundreds of years of combined experience in a variety of software packages across a diverse set of industries, with a particular focus on distribution. The team logs thousands of consulting and training hours each month; and, has implemented software in nearly 500 locations. To learn more, visit or

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