Images are 95px by 95pxIt’s that time of year again. School supplies are filling the aisles of every store, the news and advertisements are littered with back-to-school themes, backpack-toting kids are scurrying around on the sidewalks, and big yellow buses are making their appearance in everyone’s neighborhood. But most of all, back to school time means the return of a more typical, regimented way of life. It’s time to put vacations and relaxation aside, and focus on forging ahead. For many of our clients, we think that should mean taking a serious look at their billing processes.

Over the past several months, we’ve had the opportunity to help a handful of clients with this important aspect of their operation; and, we feel it warrants some discussion. We’ve found that, in some cases, billing has evolved into an “as long as it’s getting done, I don’t need to worry about it” kind of a task. What many people don’t realize is that utilizing Eclipse to create a structured, more automated billing process can streamline this essential activity. In turn, you can save time, make day-to-day work easier, and potentially put money in your pocket faster.

Let us ask you this: If you could save three to four hours per day, per person who is engaged in billing, would you be intrigued? We recently discovered that one of our long-term clients was waiting for a paper copy of every ticket to show up before they would bill anything. Sometimes, this meant waiting days to figure out what happened to one or two out of hundreds of tickets.

Once we realized this, we convinced them to let us spend a couple of consulting hours; and, we changed their Eclipse settings to reflect the standard billing process that we recommend. Our focus is on signatures and manifests rather than paper tickets or manual processes. Within a few days, our client was saving, per day, more time than the one-time investment we made to fix it.

Here’s a pop quiz for the day (don’t you hate it when teachers do that?). It’s just eight quick questions regarding your billing processes. It should only take a minute, and you’ll find out instantly whether or not you’re efficient. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE QUIZ.

If you didn’t get a passing grade, it could be time for you to go back to school: Zerion’s School of Eclipse Billing. We’ll help you understand the options and items that should be addressed in your billing cycle. For example, those pesky paper tickets aren’t necessarily needed in order to do your billing. If you set up your control files correctly, set up ship vias correctly, and use some features inside Eclipse like they were meant to be used, then billing can become an efficient machine within your organization.  You can ship product today and bill it today.  In some cases, that may mean a faster paid bill; and, at minimum, it will result in a more efficient operation.

If you’re interested in talking with us more about billing, be sure to check out our special for this month only. It can be found at the bottom of our email.

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