Images are 95px by 95pxOnce again, we’re happy to drive out the big, blue Zerion welcome wagon this month. All-Tex Pipe & Supply, a Texas-based PVF distributor, is now part of our E.Z. Support program; and, we’ll be providing them with ongoing Eclipse support services.

We began working with Pennsylvania-based Tri-State Supply Company, an electrical distributor.

We’ve re-engaged with a client from days gone by, Bakersfield Pipe & Supply, a PVF distributor in California.

We’ll be providing pricing, GL, AP and AR help to Kriz-Davis, an electrical distributor spanning six states.

And, last but certainly not least, we’ll be doing an RF install for two branches of Parrish-Hare, a Texas electrical supplier. We’ll also be providing them with GL, reports, AR, AP and Inventory Eclipse support.

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