Images are 95px by 95pxAre you ready to see that sweet little girl you know and love moonlighting as Lady GaGa? Or Katy Perry? Or, to have the tumultuous teen down the street knock on your door sporting a halo and wings? Ah yes, Halloween is upon us. And, it sometimes feels like that old adage, “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

We get this one opportunity each year to be something we’re not. We can hide our faces, act out a superhero fantasy, or simply be wild and crazy. Sounds fun enough. But, what if you’re being something you’re not all year long? And, what if that façade is causing you unnecessary costs and risk, a lack of efficiency, or one of those nagging headaches that’s around so often you’ve just come to accept it? That may be something a little less than fun. What’s worse is that you may not even realize the problem, or even think of it that way. For many of us, company-owned trucks, routes and delivery personnel are ever-present and familiar around the warehouse. But, we’re here to tell you that maybe they shouldn’t be.

Certainly every business is different, and sensitive issues might come into play with this issue; but, here is something to consider: as much as 30% cost savings per year. And, we’re talking hard dollars here.

We recently helped a distributor move from completely in-house routing to dedicated out-of-house delivery to its customers. What our client recognized is that they’re good at procuring product and supplying it to customers. Period. Their core business doesn’t involve managing trucks or deliveries. And, this complicated beast, if done correctly and efficiently, requires much time, dedication, knowledge and coordination. It doesn’t always make sense for a distributor to take on this type of capability, thus becoming something they’re not: a transportation company.

Many Eclipse users think outsourcing freight management is a feat too large or expensive to tackle, or one not worth dealing with, because of a lack of integration. Moreover, what’s familiar seems to be what’s best. This is far from true. We can provide consulting and programming to integrate Eclipse with many outside delivery firms’ software. In fact, we’ve worked closely with Dynamex, North America’s leading same-day transportation and logistics services company.

The client we recently helped was transitioning to Dynamex, so now the knowledge and a program already exist. We automatically export the manifest information from Eclipse and all pertinent shipping information from each ticket on the manifest.  It’s seamlessly sent to Dynamex and our client doesn’t have to take any manual steps to expedite shipping using optimum routes. Our client has access to real-time data and gets reports back based on trackable milestones. In turn, customer service and consistency go up and risk and cost go down.

Not only can you save cash; but, there are other benefits as well. Distributors who use a single-source solution company like Dynamex get results that may include:

  • Dedicated scheduled routes
  • Flexibility of fleet size and shape
  • Access to state-of-the art and/or proprietary routing, scanning and GPS technology
  • Higher productivity
  • Fewer delivery errors
  • More predictable delivery times
  • Greater efficiencies from utilizing external expertise, such as with fuel, delivery speed and driver time
  • No capital tied up in vehicle assets
  • Less liability related to vehicles and drivers
  • No more maintenance, repair or insurance costs
  • Competitive advantage
  • Real-time tracking of deliveries
  • Custom, detailed delivery reports and statistics
  • Streamlined, low-maintenance management of deliveries

Also, getting product to the job site on time becomes someone else’s problem; and, it’s all transparent to your customers!

We encourage you to check out our special this month on Dynamex integration. We’re also happy to review your business model and help determine if outsourced logistics is the right choice for you. Then, if you still want to provide your own delivery services, how about dressing up as a pizza delivery boy for Halloween? That oughtta satisfy the need!

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