Images are 95px by 95pxAfter 10 consecutive weeks at customer sites, last week was my first concentrated period of time in our local office in a long while. My fingers were gliding effortlessly across the keyboard; and, I was swiftly, yet coolly, processing through each thing on the to-do list, while a mix of tunes was wafting from the desktop speakers. Just about the time that the classic Beatles song “Get By with a Little Help from my Friends” started playing, my mouse happened to lead me onto Facebook. That was where I noticed a poll one of my “friends” had started. It went something like this… “Thanksgiving. It’s all about the turkey, or the sides?”.

I didn’t vote; but, if I had, it would’ve been for turkey. Or better yet, ham. Of the Honeybaked variety. Or both. What can I say? I’m a guy who likes his protein. Nonetheless, the votes were overwhelmingly weighted toward the side dishes. Ah yes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and more. Who doesn’t love a tasty side? I can see how they provide some much-needed oomph to a meal … a nice bonus to balance out the meal’s staple food. Plus, they’re welcome flavors that likely haven’t been tasted in a whole year. In essence, the turkey becomes complete with a little help from its side dish friends.

While the Beatles continued to fill my ears and the thought of Thanksgiving made my mouth water, my mind drifted back to Zerion, and to what I was going to write about in this month’s newsletter. The collision of senses and thoughts resulted in this (possibly far-fetched, yet seasonally appropriate) analogy: We (Zerion) like to think of ourselves as being a partner to our clients, an extension of their business; and, as a resource for everything Eclipse. We provide unparalleled system and distribution knowledge. We offer solutions to problems, both common and obscure. We answer questions. We manage installations. And we offer system consulting, coaching and training. Zerion is the turkey, so to speak. Our core services are the main course. But, we make that turkey better with some savory sides … Things like this newsletter with our monthly Eclipse tips, consistent efforts to help you save money or time, in-depth articles about important Eclipse topics, and our Ask an Expert feature.

We believe in paying it forward, and we try to be a source of knowledge in the Eclipse community, as well as a thought leader and industry expert (even for those who don’t buy the whole 25-lb. bird). We truly enjoy giving a little help to our friends. We sleep better at night when we know we’ve made someone’s day-to-day work life even the slightest bit easier, or more efficient (especially if we’ve just eaten two servings of tryptophan and a few thousand calories in sides).

Since my Facebook friends so greatly appreciated the sides of the meal – in spite of my belief in the turkey – my wacky thought process landed me here: maybe you appreciate the sides more than anything too! As such, I thought I’d give a little ode to the sides. More specifically, to Zerion’s Tip of the Month. It’s always been the most read part of our newsletter, and from our perspective, one of the most important things we can do to give a little help to our friends.

So, here’s a recap of our helpful recipes from the last ten months, plus a nice little bonus dessert: our all-time favorite tip from years past. (Just click on any of the tip names to see the complete text for that tip.)

January: !NOBO

February: Get a Second Ticket for Your Wire Room or Yard

March: Log Off Faster from the Eclipse Banner Screen

April: Fix Those Darn Decimals, Would Ya?

May: Tracking Inventory Adjustments

June: Using Auto Apply Mode in SOE

July: B/O Days in Vendor Maintenance

August: Ignore Cash Required

September: Review PO Backorders

October: Secondary Buy Lines

And, our favorite time-saving tip from June 2008:

Make your life easier by scheduling routine accounting functions. Eclipse has several features that are designed to handle frequent accounting functions for you. In Accounts Payable, you have the ability to enter a payable once and then schedule it for recurring postings at regular intervals. This works great for items such as lease payments on vehicles or equipment, or bills such as cell phones and monthly rent. You can set it up once and then let Eclipse handle the rest for you!

Finally, to celebrate the season just a little bit more, we’re also offering an unheard of special this month. Get some monthly Zerion Turkey (or more aptly named, our E.Z. Support plan) for free. See the special at the bottom of the email for more details. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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