If you know Zerion, you know Tony King. As the primary salesperson, as well as a consultant and owner, he’s often the face of the company. And, often one busy man. So, he’s decided that he isn’t too proud to ask for a little help.

Tony’s focus since the inception of Zerion has been on developing and maintaining communication with customers. Keeping in touch, ensuring customer satisfaction, and looking for opportunities is a passion. But, as the business grows and the economy improves, it’s getting harder to do it as well as he’d like. For the New Year, Tony’s decided to call in some reserves. While he’ll still be actively and deeply engaged with the customer base, Joel Gordon and Jon Moyer will be on the front lines. As such, we thought you’d like to meet the guys who just may be giving you a ring in the coming months.

Images are 95px by 95pxJoel will be responsible for managing the current and past customer base. He’ll work alongside Tony to make sure “we’re there” for all of our customers as comprehensively and proactively as possible. Joel’s background is in technology, having worked in both supply chain management and medical manufacturing. He has a BS Degree in Business Administration and has also served as a sales executive for SAP Business One software. Joel mentioned, “I’ve known Tony for some time and have curiously watched how he manages his customers. I can see what a huge priority it is for him and I’m truly honored to be able to participate in that process, especially with a company that is so clearly committed to its customers.” Joel is a lifelong musician; and, he and his wife Kim are expecting their first child this summer.

Images are 95px by 95pxJon’s role is to make contact with potential new customers and introduce them to the benefits and services that an independent consulting firm like Zerion can provide. Jon started his own business development company in 2007, specializing in software sales. He majored in Business Management at Temple University and is a Philadelphia native who now resides in Los Angeles.

Welcome Joel and Jon!

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