As you know, Zerion has always been about maximizing your investment and increasing efficiency. But, we’ve long-focused much of our effort on process improvements. We teach you the best way to drive the car so that it runs smoother; and, we tell you the best route to take. We love doing that; but, we often find that even with the best consulting and training, if your engine is failing, you’re not going to get where you want to go. Now, we’re going to lift the hood to optimize system performance and speed. With the addition of our own UniVerse Database Administrator, Zerion can reduce operational inefficiencies and employees’ lost time, and increase system reliability and up-time.

Meet EZ Performance … where Eclipse performance is made easier with Zerion (similar to our EZ Support program). With this cost-effective monitoring program, Zerion will do a monthly inspection on your system and help make the most of your Eclipse investment.

Each company’s program will be built based on their needs and how database maintenance can give them the biggest bang for their buck. It will incorporate elements of our “Seven Ways to Rev Up Eclipse’s Reliability” like cleaning up system files, reviewing system logs, re-starting UniVerse, working on the print spooler, accomodating for file growth, replenishing system resources, refreshing the training account, and more. Contact us today to get started! Through the end of April 2011, you’ll receive half off for the first six months.

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