Images are 95px by 95pxWe’ve been fortunate to have new friends (aka customers) to talk about each month for a while now. And, indeed, we have more again this month. But, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our old friends from time to time. This month is fitting to do so, because we’re proud to be re-engaged, or have renewed agreements, with many of our existing customers: All Tex Supply, C&L Supply (trying out the new EZ Performance plan), Charles McMurray, Electric Supply of Tampa, Halco Lighting, Kriz Davis and NS Supply.

We’d also like to welcome the following new customers. Sunshine Plumbing in Florida has requested some Price line and Buy line maintenance, as well as product file cleanup. Air Engineers in Alabama will be receiving two days of Purchasing training. NESCO Supply in New England has us working on a variety of Eclipse-related projects. And, Canyon Pipe will be getting some help with Linux admin.

We love making new friends, but we remember the old adage that reminds us to keep the old. Thanks to all of you for supporting Zerion!

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