Images are 95px by 95pxWe came across this article in Industrial Distribution magazine, titled “Is your ERP a Mothership or Just a Satellite?” that explores the idea of what happens to ERP products after their owner is involved in a merger or acquisition. We thought we’d bring it to light because of the change from Activant to Epicor, and the fact that we discussed the same issue in a similar article of our own a few months ago.

The authors make some excellent points regarding acquisitions, particularly that not all ERP products will remain a high priority. As they say “this is business, folks.” And, it most certainly is. However, when it comes to Eclipse users, we disagree that this is cause for alarm, or reason to migrate to “the mothership” as they call it. Regardless of what happens with Eclipse’s priority level at Epicor, two important things remain the same: Eclipse is still a superior product for this industry; and, you can still get support (both from Epicor and us).

To quote our own article: “The Eclipse software has impressive capabilities perfectly suited for the wholesale distribution market. It is a program that can aptly serve the needs of distributors for a long-time to come. And, it’s remained a leader in this market in spite of the changes it’s endured. As such, it will continue to have a great presence amongst supply houses; and, Apax will have to pay attention to it.”

We also believe that, “If Apax decides they aren’t going to actively sell the product or develop major releases of the software, there will still be new releases to fix problems; and, they will still support it. That being said, if the service or staff declines, or wasn’t up to your standards to begin with, you have options. Zerion isn’t affiliated with Activant (or anyone for that matter) and we’re not going anywhere.”

And, finally, “If you’re so inclined, we encourage you to stay on board with Eclipse. We’re here to fill any gaps you see, or to provide stability in an otherwise unstable time. If you’re planning to move your ERP investment elsewhere, we have no ties to any vendors and we can help you choose the best product for your business.”

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