When people hop a plane to the tropical, historic British island of Bermuda, typically it’s for sun, fun and relaxation. But, that’s not what we had in mind on our recent Bermudian jaunt. We teamed up with distributor and client Electric Supply of Tampa (ESOT) to perform a full physical inventory for an electric utility company.

And, physical it was: 104 years in business without a completely successful inventory; 14,000 SKUs totaling $30 million; 4,000 duplicate items with no activity since the 1990’s; an abnormally high number of write-ins that had to be identified; and, material in complete disarray throughout two facilities. No one thought an inventory was possible.

After five non-stop, 12-hour days in far from ideal conditions, eight amazing people came together to conquer defeat; and, we were firmly reminded of the importance of teamwork in distribution. We left the warehouse clean and organized with every piece of material accounted for. I was stunned to see the numbers at week’s end … We walked into a distressing situation; and, not only did we finish the job, but we came within less than 1%!

Today I ask you to think hard about your people, their synergy and what it means to your success. Is your operation working as a team? I encourage you to read more about this inspiring story. You can download it here.

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