When Darren Dalton at Hulbert Supply brought Zerion on board, he wanted his plumbing and heating supply business to purchase more efficiently. After Zerion provided some initial training, Hulbert decided to continue using Zerion with an expanded scope, which focused on changing culture. Hulbert wanted to understand the “why” and the “how” of Eclipse’s workings in order to improve efficiency. Hulbert has been satisfied with the personal relationship that’s developed with Zerion, as well as the straightforward billing process; and, they enjoy the accountability and real world experience that is brought to the table. Darren said, “We had a horrible go-live and we spent the first year live just trying to stay in business. It was a nightmare. With the help of Zerion, we’ve straightened out a lot of stuff and we’re learning a lot.” We just posted the complete case study on our web site. To read more, download the pdf.

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