In April, the launch of AmazonSupply was officially announced. Since many Eclipse-run businesses are just now exploring e-commerce, a giant like Amazon with vast experience in online selling could be perceived as a big threat. Or, you could see it as no threat at all because you believe personalized service will always prevail over technology in the B2B space. Maybe the launch is pushing you to boost your online presence or customer service. Or, maybe you have no interest at all. 

Now that it’s been a few months, we’re curious to know what impact you’re seeing from the launch, if any. The consensus of what we’ve been hearing among our customer base is that of mild intrigue versus serious concern. Most distributors we work with operate within a specialized niche with customers who rely on salespeople to serve them; and, they don’t see that changing anytime soon. They also believe that their primary customer (contractors) are creatures of habit who aren’t early adopters of technology.

So how about you … Are your customers talking about AmazonSupply? Have sales of any of your products changed, particularly if you deal in MRO? What plans do you have to maintain or enhance customer service in an increasingly competitive environment? It’s a conversation we’re sure will continue to interest distributors; and, we’re interested to hear your feedback.

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