Did you know that product families in Eclipse could be saving you and your team a lot of key strokes? Product families can be a great source of efficiency for Eclipse users, especially if you have customers that regularly order the same products; yet, this tool is highly under-utilized. Find out how to turn them on with this Epicor Eclipse Tip of the Day from your friends at Zerion:

The product families functionality exists in Eclipse for stock orders, trim kits, and standard groupings of products. To create a product family, go to “Maintenance” then “Product additional” and then “Product family”. Create a family. Then when you’re ready to make use of your new family, go to SOE and type a forward slash (/) and the family name (such as /moen or /stockorder). From there you can easily select the quantity and add all of the items to the order.  

I hope this helps enhance your sales operation. Let us know if we can be of assistance with anything.

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