Zerion often does customization work that may be of use to other Eclipse users, such as creating reports or programs, and completing integrations. As a convenience to our customers, we make most of these reports, processes and code available to all for purchase and installation. A new report has just been added to our repertoire! It’s called the RF Cycle Count Variance Report. This report goes beyond Eclipse’s standard reports to show onhand and variance quantities as well as variance dollars. This report also prompts for cost basis. It’s a great addition to your operation because Eclipse’s Detail Cycle Count Report only shows the counts but not the variance; and, it has an option for Dollar Amt but it doesn’t ask for a basis. Also, the Adjustment Variance Report selecting RF Counts only shows you the variance and doesn’t show you the count quantity. 

You can find the complete list of reports, programs and integrations here on our web site. Contact us if you’re interested. 

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