Sometimes, it’s obvious we’re wasting time. Other times, like with procedures that have been done the same way for years, it’s not so clear. Such is the case with RF and Purchasing for Eastern Industrial (EISI), a pipe, valves, fittings, and plumbing distributor in the Southeast. Many of their processes were created in 1994, when they implemented Epicor Eclipse; and, they’ve had little time or reason to question things since then.

When the company’s Accounts Payable/Systems Manager brought Zerion on board, their inefficiencies with purchasing and RF quickly came to light. Belinda said, “[Working with Zerion] forces the microscope to be turned on us; and, to think and talk through why we’re doing something a certain way.”

We just posted the complete case study on our web site, which explains those inefficiencies and the solutions that were employed. To check it out, download the pdf

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