Have you ever thought about selling your products online? E-commerce continues to be a goal for many distributors, especially with the introduction of AmazonSupply. It’s an important consideration, both to keep up with the times and remain competitive. However, many of our clients falsely believe that selling online can happen with the simple flip of a switch. Since we’re so often asked about this topic, we’ve enlisted a seasoned e-commerce expert to provide an informative and insightful webinar completely free of charge.

Hosted by Zerion and led by Ethan Pitsch, Owner of web design firm, Caxiam Group, this hour-long webinar will prepare you for online sales by overviewing:

  • The three main components required for a successful e-commerce project
  • The options available to you at each step and the pros and cons of those options
  • Real-life examples of distribution e-commerce sites
  • Q&A

Seating is limited, so click here to reserve your spot for this free webinar now.

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