With some things, when you know, you know. For Dan Ediger at Kriz Davis Company, shortly after his electrical distributorship went live on Eclipse, he just knew he needed some additional support. He asked Zerion to come on-site and assist his 13 locations and 185 users with a variety of Eclipse challenges. First, Zerion’s Rick Canida tackled Purchasing. Then, he resolved a major rebate issue. After that, Zerion helped Kriz Davis implement RF in their warehouses in less than 2 months. And now, the companies continue to work together on a quarterly basis to improve Eclipse usage; and, to overcome questions and problems faster.

Dan remarked, Zerion has cut down on our time to get things corrected … Now we can sit down in a week and figure out three months of problems. I highly recommend them to anyone I talk to.”

We just posted the complete case study on our web site, which explains in more detail how Zerion helped Kriz Davis with Purchasing, Rebates and RF. To check it out, download the pdf

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