Crying isn’t such a bad thing, you know. It can be healing, and cleansing; and, it can even happen for good reasons … Like joy and celebration. Therese Borchard laid it out quite nicely in her article on the topic. So, let’s all go ahead and have a good cry together. Because Zerion is TEN!

As you can imagine, and is the case for most any business, this span of time has included many highs and lows, tough times and great times, stressors and excitements, and every kind of learning and changing you can imagine. But most of all, there’s been a pretty central theme: loyalty. We’ve built amazing relationships  – with employees, partners and customers – that have led to the extension and reception of deep loyalty. It’s also built us to 400 customers strong. Four hundred companies that we’ve (hopefully) helped function more efficiently, and use their Eclipse software better. For all of that, we are tremendously grateful!

It’s also taken us ten years, but we’ve finally figured out that a lot of people in the industry get us wrong. They think we’re out for ourselves, and they don’t believe us when we tell them differently. Sure, we’re a business and we need to make money; but, our goal is to help you maximize your investment in Eclipse. We’re focused on being an advocate and an advisor to the Eclipse community. We aim to be true consultants that offer knowledge, experience and informed opinions. We honestly want to help you be better, even if that doesn’t necessarily mean hiring us.

Okay, the tears are drying up. We feel better. Happy Anniversary to us!


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