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  • Bermuda Electric Co.


    “I was stunned to see the numbers at week’s end. I feared we could be off by 10% due to the circumstances; but, we came within less than 1%!”


    Summary: At Zerion, we believe that when you work as a team, you can conquer all. We proved that when we partnered with a distributor to do a physical inventory at an electric utility company. We faced an organization that had 104 years in business without a completely successful inventory; 14,000 SKUs totaling $30 million; 4,000 duplicates; lots of write-ins; and, material in complete disarray throughout two facilities.

    Industry: Electric Utilities

    Project Type: Inventory

    Goals: To do what no one else had done or thought possible … accurately complete an inventory

    Challenges: Two unorganized warehouses that hadn’t been counted in 104 years

    Takeaway: When people come together as a team, they can overcome any challenge.

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  • C&L Supply


    “We were looking for someone who was going to be there after the training. Today, even if I need to ask just one question, I can email Tony and he’ll respond. He stands behind the install. Anytime we need any other implementation, we will always look to Zerion first.”


    Summary: A distributor with many long-term employees was facing a major operational change: moving to an RF warehouse. Change is hard for anyone; but, when you’ve been accustomed to the same procedures for over 25 years, it can seem insurmountable. C&L needed a partner for training who not only knew their stuff, but also had the gift of teaching.

    Industry: Plumbing, HVAC, Appliances, Electronics, Furniture, Seasonal products

    Project Type: Eclipse Install / Training

    Goals: To complete the install on a tight, rigid timetable and to reduce pull errors after implementation

    Challenges: Many long-term employees who would need to embrace change; a full physical inventory scheduled immediately after go-live

    Takeaway: Old dogs can learn new tricks, and even learn to love them, if given proper training

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  • Dulles Electric


    “Zerion brought a positive attitude, thorough resources, and a degree of level-headedness when everyone else felt lost. We expected a smooth transition and got just that.”


    Summary: An electrical supplier was preparing for two big moves at the same time: relocating to a new facility and completing a wireless warehouse install. Zerion was called in by its partner, ESC Online, to devise and manage a project plan and provide training. The focus on planning paid off and the project resulted in greater efficiency and better customer service.

    Industry: Electrical, lighting

    Project Type: Eclipse Wireless Warehouse Install / Project Management

    Goals: To have a motivated team that completes the project on time; to keep customers happy

    Challenges: Coordinating an install with a location move; Adding lot tracking of wire late in the process; Completing a full physical inventory during the project

    Takeaway: Planning is the key to a successful project

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  • Eastern Industrial


    EISI logo_small“Working with Zerion forces the microscope to be turned on us; and, to think and talk through why we’re doing something a certain way.”


    Summary: Belinda Ellenburg at Eastern Industrial initially brought Zerion in to help train some new branches on Eclipse. She decided to keep Zerion “on-call” by signing up for the EZ Support program, with hopes of improving upon inefficiencies at her organization. Zerion’s involvement quickly brought purchasing and RF challenges to light; and, they’ve provided ongoing training and consulting to make the company more efficient. Belinda has been pleased with the honest, accessible feedback she now has access to so that she can get questions answered quickly.

    Industry: Pipe, valves, fittings, plumbing

    Focus areas: Purchasing, RF

    Key Benefits: Made changes to Purchasing procedures to increase efficiency; Made changes to RF operations; Acquired a direct point of contact for questions and problems

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  • Hulbert Supply


    “We had a horrible go-live and we spent the first year live just trying to stay in business. It was a nightmare. With the help of Zerion, we’ve straightened out a lot of stuff and we’re learning a lot.”



    Summary: Darren Dalton at Hulbert Supply brought Zerion on board to help them purchase more efficiently. After Zerion provided some initial training, Hulbert decided to continue using Zerion with an expanded scope, which focused on changing culture. Hulbert wanted to understand the “why” and the “how” of Eclipse’s workings in order to improve efficiency. They’ve been satisfied with the personal relationship that’s developed with Zerion, as well as the straightforward billing process; and, they enjoy the accountability and real world experience that is brought to the table.

    Industry: Plumbing and heating

    Focus areas: Purchasing, Accounting and Receiving

    Key Benefits: Gained more knowledge of the system and how it works; Made process changes to increase efficiency; Acquired a direct point of contact for questions and problems

    To review the complete case study, download the pdf.
  • Independent Electric Supply


    “This is a fact: We couldn’t have done it [the install] without Zerion. They gave the branches an understanding of Eclipse and the ability to function on the system.”



    Summary: A complete ERP installation can be overwhelming, even for the smallest of companies. But it may seem downright impossible when you have a high number of users, a lack of resources, and an intense schedule. By adding the depth and experience of Zerion, and putting a strong focus on post-live support, IES’s Eclipse implementation went from unattainable to praise-able.

    Industry: Electric Distribution, Independent Utility Supply, LGE/Independent Power Systems

    Project Type: Eclipse Install / Training

    Goals: To meet customers’ growing needs with as seamless a transition as possible

    Challenges: Many branches included with a sequential, overlapping go-live plan

    Takeaway: Even the most challenging project can be fairly pain-free, if done with the right training and support resources.

    To review the complete case study, download the pdf.
  • Kiva Kitchen & Bath


    “The end result after the conversion far, far exceeded our expectations! These kinds of conversions rarely go smoothly, but this one went with hardly any problems whatsoever. Zerion deserves all of the credit for that.”


    Summary: There’s a big difference between four months and four days. And, the time it takes to get up and running after a conversion affects both customers and employees alike. Kiva Kitchen & Bath learned this first-hand when they chose Zerion for the second phase of their Eclipse conversion. With better training and consulting, Kiva was able to derive the benefits of Eclipse – and get back to full, customer-pleasing capacity – in a much shorter timeframe than their previous install.

    Industry: Appliances, Decorative Plumbing & Hardware, Cabinets, Countertops and Fireplaces

    Project Type: Eclipse Conversion

    Goals: To get up and running faster, and have a smoother install than their previous experience.

    Challenges: A customer with a distaste for conversions, and a lack of confidence in consultants.

    Takeaway: The consultants and trainers responsible for an implementation are a key factor in the success of the install.

    To review the complete case study, download the pdf.
  • Kriz Davis Company


    “Zerion has cut down on our time to get things corrected … Now we can sit down in a week and figure out three months of problems. I highly recommend them to anyone I talk to.”


    Summary: In 2010, Kriz Davis transitioned its 13 locations and 185 users to Epicor Eclipse. Shortly after go-live, the company’s Vice President of IT, Dan Ediger, was lacking confidence that everything was being done correctly; and, he decided to seek some outside support for the Eclipse product. Zerion was first brought in to focus on Purchasing. They were then scheduled to come back on a quarterly basis and attack a variety of questions and challenges, which resulted in a major Rebate recovery. Zerion also provided a complete RF implementation for Kriz Davis.

    Industry: Electrical

    Focus areas: Purchasing, Rebates, RF

    Key Benefits: Recovered $50k per month with new rebate procedures; Implemented RF in 13 locations in less than 2 months

    To review the complete case study, download the pdf.
  • Power Bolt & Tool


    “Zerion is our Eclipse pilot. I know I bought good software and now I’ve got the best consultant for that software working for me.”



    Summary: When a small company makes a big purchase, they want to be certain they’re doing the right thing. As was the case with Power Bolt and Tool when they bought Eclipse. But, with the economy in an unexpected slump, and the system not working to its fullest capacity, their confidence crashed. When Zerion came to them with the idea of an E.Z. Support program, it proved to be all the company needed to re-gain its flight, and its belief in Eclipse.

    Industry: Fasteners and tools

    Project Type: Ongoing Eclipse support

    Goals: To fix some key issues with their Eclipse set-up and find a true business partner for ongoing support

    Challenges: A depressed economy and an owner facing a large learning curve with new software

    Takeaway: Small companies can afford consulting, too. And, they often benefit from it more than anyone.

    To review the complete case study, download the pdf.
"We finally have what I would call the holy grail of pricing reports ... I’ve been waiting for this report for 10 years."
Tim Schlesser  Advance Electrical Supply  
"I just want to thank you so much. Rick [Canida] was such a great help this morning with the PDW issues I am having."
Madine Trotter  ProSource  
"I would like to thank you all for your help this past year and especially your efforts to help us clean up our system. We recently started with Profit2 and they commended us on how clean the data was for them to start working on. All of your efforts will help us in getting a quick launch of the Profit2 system."
Jerry Boughner  RJ Schinner Co., Inc.  
"I am glad all is going well with the data extraction, and am very pleasantly surprised at the lack of work required from us to get that up and running. You have no idea how much better that makes this process as compared to the others we have tried. Thanks for your help."
Stephanie Lamphere  HGH Hardware Supply  
"Zerion was a tremendous asset to the entire process, answering our questions and providing much needed support through all of the ups and downs of "going live". We are pleased to have Zerion as our partner for everything from training to consulting. It's such a pleasure to work with this group of individuals."
Belinda R. Ellenburg  EISI PVF  
I have dealt with many onsite consultants in my career and have never come across anyone with as much knowledge, and the ability to get along with everyone, as Daron.  As you well know we have a large cast of characters here.  The greatest variance in personalities is in our warehouse.  Daron was able to put everyone at ease and got them on board instantly ... I still have employees asking me when he is coming back.
Mike Bell  Hunzicker Brothers  
Thanks for your time with us! I know everyone who worked with you learned a great deal. We will see you again!
Mark O’Day  Controller Service  
Un-freakinbelievable!!! For years we’ve had issues with our Okidatas going offline and the queues going down. I make two small changes suggested by you and the printer works. Good grief!!!! Thank you so much, Susan!!!
Traci Henn  Cooney Manufacturing  
"Best seminar to date.  Great info and very well done!!  We learned 3 new things. Keep these type of seminars coming."
Steve Pueschel  Hydronic Specialties Company  
"We learned very quickly that Zerion would provide us unmatched services that proved essential to our success. We saw a real value for our money; and, even though we knew we weren’t, Zerion treated us like the biggest client they’d ever worked with."
Rob Livingston  Greensboro Pipe  
“Zerion’s people are always upbeat and willing to an­swer questions. They dig into a problem and find out exactly what needs to be done."
Susan Walker  Independent Electric Supply  
"Zerion's programming charges are competitive and the lead times are great!"
Survey Responder  
"The trainer [from Zerion] was very good at explaining techniques on an understandable level."
UFO Class Attendee  
"I have been sending anything that I can't do myself to Zerion Group.  They are fantastic, thorough, customer oriented and fast. They are comparable in pricing and often less expensive."
Heather Nutbeam  Standard Electric Supply  
"Quick responses, professional employees, easy to work with, and superb service!"
Survey Responder  
“Now we’re able to deliver on whatever demands our customers put on us. Be­cause of the Eclipse soft­ware, and Zerion’s knowl­edge and expertise, we can follow through with our customer satisfaction prom­ise.”
Susan Walker  Independent Electric Supply  
"We worked closely with Tony King, who is extremely knowledgeable on RF and distribution centers. He has a friendly, helpful demeanor which benefited our team tremendously as we worked together to find solutions. We continue to call on him as a resource.”
Tim McNaughton  Stuart Irby  
"We have been thoroughly impressed with everyone at Zerion, not only in terms of their knowledge and expertise, but even more so with the integrity and professionalism with which they approach their work.  I’ve rarely seen anyone during my 32 years in business who works harder and cares more about his customer than Rick does."
Adrian V. Toole  Cape Electric Supply  
“This is a fact: We couldn’t have done it [the install] without Zerion. They gave the branches an under­standing of Eclipse and the ability to function on the system.”
Susan Walker  Independent Electric Supply  
“A lot of our success stories are about finding the right personality fit and this was it. Whenever you asked a question, he [Tony King] knew the an­swer or he could get you the answer. We knew our people would really respond to him.”
Marilyn Wilson  C&L Supply, Inc.  
"99.9% of newsletters that hit my inbox never take their first breath. Yours is OUTSTANDING and I look forward to it. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!"
Lane Garrett  Power Bolt and Tool, Inc.  
"Excellent knowledge along with the right people and training skills needed to share that knowledge in a meaningful and helpful way."
Survey Responder  
"We’ve been really happy with how much Zerion has helped us dig deeper into Eclipse. We’re finally streamlining processes and reducing errors. It’s been great!!!"
Angelo Oliverio  Revco Electric  
"We desperately needed Zerion’s help. It would’ve been practically impossible to do the conversion without the additional support.”
Jack Cohen  BAC Sales  
“He [Tony] actually asked questions about our business to learn how we did things and why we did them; and, he tried to make Eclipse match that business model. That’s why we’re using Zerion again.”
Tom Maples  Kiva Kitchen & Bath  
"Zerion's service-oriented approach and skilled staff helped us get through our transition to Eclipse."
Survey Responder  
“Zerion brought a positive attitude, thorough resources, and a degree of level-headedness when everyone else felt lost. We expected a smooth transition and got just that.”
John Milotte  Dulles Electric  
"Zerion has been able to fix our problems in a quick and efficient manner."
Survey Responder  
“Customers can easily threaten to shop down the road, so you have to make sure they’re happy. Zerion’s team kept focus on this throughout the install.”
John Milotte  Dulles Electric  
“The training was excellent. Before they walked away, they made sure our employees understood; and, if someone needed extra help, they got it. The success has a lot to do with Zerion.”
Power Bolt and Tool, Inc.  C&L Supply, Inc.  
“Zerion is our Eclipse pilot. I know I bought good soft­ware and now I’ve got the best consultant for that soft­ware working for me.”
Lane Garrett  Power Bolt and Tool, Inc.  
"Great training sessions.  All the presenters have great knowledge and great tips for Eclipse."
Survey Responder  
“All of the employees were extremely happy that they had someone to call. Zerion was always there to get us a solution, no matter what hour of the day.”
Susan Walker  Independent Electric Supply  
“I can read my reports with ab­solute clarity. Now I have real insight into what’s going on in my business.”
Lane Garrett  Power Bolt and Tool, Inc.  
"Your company seems to really care about your customers and will do what it takes to solve any problems."
Survey Responder  
“The end result after the conversion far, far exceeded our expectations! These kinds of conversions rarely go smoothly, but this one went with hardly any problems whatsoever. Zerion deserves all of the credit for that.”
Tom Maples  Kiva Kitchen & Bath  
"I had to let you know the time that you saved me with this. Because merging three reports was so tedious it usually took me a day and half, maybe 12 hours from start to finish. From the time I ran the report, tweaked it, and sent it completed was 30 minutes!!"
Patty J. Ward  Bakersfield Pipe & Supply