Let the World (of Eclipse) Be Your Oyster

The status quo is boring. And unnecessary. It’s possible to have your cake and eat it too, because with our customization, modification and programming services, you can make Eclipse work better for you. We can help you with:

  • Custom integration with third party products
  • Custom labels
  • Forms changes
  • FTP communication (encrypted if needed)
  • Outgoing EDI
  • User Defined Screens

If you’re not looking to think outside the box, but you still want a better report or a more efficient toolset, you can take advantage of work we’ve done for other Eclipse users. Below is a sample of our readily available reports, standard integrations and customizations. For an up-to-date and complete list with descriptions, check out this ever-expanding list (.pdf); or, contact us.


  • AR Report Using Multiple Aging Methods
  • Auto Canceled Backorders
  • Check Clear Report
  • Custom Payables Report
  • Daily Backorder Report
  • Inventory Research Report
  • Inventory Variance Report
  • Line Item Margin Exception Report
  • Matrix Usage Report
  • Order Queue I-descriptor
  • Pipeline Open Order Report
  • Quick Sell Matrix Maintenance Report
  • RF Cycle Count Variance Report
  • Service Level Report
  • Signature Capture Report
  • Vendor Rebate Report


  • Descartes On Demand
  • Dynamex
  • EDI Services
  • Fill It Now
  • Phocas
  • PositivePay
  • Profit2
  • Secure FTP & ACH


  • Automated Cash App Upload
  • Automatic Freight Import
  • Daily Sales Reporting Delivered to 3rd Party
  • Duplicate Matrix Eliminator
  • Holiday Pick Ticket Phantom
  • Invoice Preview Queue Modification
  • Printer Management Toolset
  • Random Cycle Count
  • Redefinition of HOT in RF
  • Work Ticket Reprint
"We finally have what I would call the holy grail of pricing reports ... I’ve been waiting for this report for 10 years."
Tim Schlesser  Advance Electrical Supply  
"I am glad all is going well with the data extraction, and am very pleasantly surprised at the lack of work required from us to get that up and running. You have no idea how much better that makes this process as compared to the others we have tried. Thanks for your help."
Stephanie Lamphere  HGH Hardware Supply  
Un-freakinbelievable!!! For years we’ve had issues with our Okidatas going offline and the queues going down. I make two small changes suggested by you and the printer works. Good grief!!!! Thank you so much, Susan!!!
Traci Henn  Cooney Manufacturing  
"Zerion's programming charges are competitive and the lead times are great!"
Survey Responder  
“I can read my reports with ab­solute clarity. Now I have real insight into what’s going on in my business.”
Lane Garrett  Power Bolt and Tool, Inc.  
"I had to let you know the time that you saved me with this. Because merging three reports was so tedious it usually took me a day and half, maybe 12 hours from start to finish. From the time I ran the report, tweaked it, and sent it completed was 30 minutes!!"
Patty J. Ward  Bakersfield Pipe & Supply