EZ Programs

We'll Make Eclipse Easier For You and Your Team

The most popular way to engage Zerion, and the best value for your money, is with our EZ Programs. For ongoing support, there are two options to augment or add to Eclipse’s support program:

"I just want to thank you so much. Rick [Canida] was such a great help this morning with the PDW issues I am having."
Madine Trotter  ProSource  
I have dealt with many onsite consultants in my career and have never come across anyone with as much knowledge, and the ability to get along with everyone, as Daron.  As you well know we have a large cast of characters here.  The greatest variance in personalities is in our warehouse.  Daron was able to put everyone at ease and got them on board instantly ... I still have employees asking me when he is coming back.
Mike Bell  Hunzicker Brothers  
Un-freakinbelievable!!! For years we’ve had issues with our Okidatas going offline and the queues going down. I make two small changes suggested by you and the printer works. Good grief!!!! Thank you so much, Susan!!!
Traci Henn  Cooney Manufacturing  
"We learned very quickly that Zerion would provide us unmatched services that proved essential to our success. We saw a real value for our money; and, even though we knew we weren’t, Zerion treated us like the biggest client they’d ever worked with."
Rob Livingston  Greensboro Pipe  
"We’ve been really happy with how much Zerion has helped us dig deeper into Eclipse. We’re finally streamlining processes and reducing errors. It’s been great!!!"
Angelo Oliverio  Revco Electric  
"We desperately needed Zerion’s help. It would’ve been practically impossible to do the conversion without the additional support.”
Jack Cohen  BAC Sales  
"Zerion has been able to fix our problems in a quick and efficient manner."
Survey Responder  
“Zerion is our Eclipse pilot. I know I bought good soft­ware and now I’ve got the best consultant for that soft­ware working for me.”
Lane Garrett  Power Bolt and Tool, Inc.  
“All of the employees were extremely happy that they had someone to call. Zerion was always there to get us a solution, no matter what hour of the day.”
Susan Walker  Independent Electric Supply