Teaching is a Passion for our Consultants

A successful software conversion requires every employee to understand the software and how to use it efficiently. Once on Eclipse, continued reinforcement helps retain functionality, productivity, and efficiency. It can also introduce new ideas and better ways of doing things.

Having implemented the Eclipse software in nearly 500 locations, and provided consulting and training in countless others, Zerion has deep knowledge that we enjoy transferring to interested users. We provide education options customized to meet the needs of you and your staff. We are available for on-site or remote training classes, which can be tailored to benefit basic to advanced Eclipse users. Our team also is skilled at developing standard operating procedures (SOPs), and can create documentation for any type of operational procedure or system-related process. Because of our love for teaching, Zerion is proud to be named the preferred training partner for Eclipse’s User Friendly Organization (UFO).

A sample of our class topics are:

  • New hires (standard training includes two, two-hour web-based classes for as many people as necessary)
  • Hints & Tricks for E-term and Solar
  • Control Files for Purchasing
  • Physical Inventory Prep
  • Price Matrix
  • Return Goods Queue
The most popular way to engage Zerion, and the best value for your money, is with our EZ Programs. For ongoing support, we offer EZ Support and EZ Performance.
We've helped customers install Eclipse, convert to RF, conduct inventory, and adopt a long-term consulting partner. Learn about our successes from real customer case studies.
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Thanks for your time with us! I know everyone who worked with you learned a great deal. We will see you again!
Mark O’Day  Controller Service  
"Best seminar to date.  Great info and very well done!!  We learned 3 new things. Keep these type of seminars coming."
Steve Pueschel  Hydronic Specialties Company  
"The trainer [from Zerion] was very good at explaining techniques on an understandable level."
UFO Class Attendee  
"Excellent knowledge along with the right people and training skills needed to share that knowledge in a meaningful and helpful way."
Survey Responder  
“The training was excellent. Before they walked away, they made sure our employees understood; and, if someone needed extra help, they got it. The success has a lot to do with Zerion.”
Power Bolt and Tool, Inc.  C&L Supply, Inc.  
"Great training sessions.  All the presenters have great knowledge and great tips for Eclipse."
Survey Responder