Who We Are

Zerion is a team of distribution experts who supply knowledge and deliver efficiency

We leverage existing software through consulting, training and customizing to make your business run better. These services are applied to many focus areas, from RF and purchasing to custom forms and reports. While we’re completely independent, our emphasis is on users of Eclipse software. Over 350 distributors have chosen our end-to-end support services because we help them to:

  • Streamline operational processes,
  • Maximize system capabilities,
  • Reduce costs; and,
  • Make employees more knowledgeable.

Each of Zerion’s consultants has been employed at a supply house, and share 75 years of combined experience. Since 2005, we’ve resolved challenges in water and sewer, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, fabrication, feed and tile businesses.

Our mission is to get more out of your technology investment, while being customer-focused, solution-oriented and easily accessible. We also are proud to be named the preferred training partner for Eclipse’s User Friendly Organization (UFO).

Zerion’s headquarters are in the Orlando, Florida area; but, our services have no geographical boundaries. Our consultants are strategically located throughout the United States to provide easy access to clients, both nationwide and around the world.

Now, let us tell you want to expect when you work with us; and, introduce you to our team and our partners.

The most popular way to engage Zerion, and the best value for your money, is with our EZ Programs. For ongoing support, we offer EZ Support and EZ Performance.
We've helped customers install Eclipse, convert to RF, conduct inventory, and adopt a long-term consulting partner. Learn about our successes from real customer case studies.
Did you know you can get BCC'd on customer quotes automatically? Find out how. Have another question, but aren't sure you're ready to hire us? Try our free ask-an-expert service.
"I would like to thank you all for your help this past year and especially your efforts to help us clean up our system. We recently started with Profit2 and they commended us on how clean the data was for them to start working on. All of your efforts will help us in getting a quick launch of the Profit2 system."
Jerry Boughner  RJ Schinner Co., Inc.  
"I am glad all is going well with the data extraction, and am very pleasantly surprised at the lack of work required from us to get that up and running. You have no idea how much better that makes this process as compared to the others we have tried. Thanks for your help."
Stephanie Lamphere  HGH Hardware Supply  
"Zerion was a tremendous asset to the entire process, answering our questions and providing much needed support through all of the ups and downs of "going live". We are pleased to have Zerion as our partner for everything from training to consulting. It's such a pleasure to work with this group of individuals."
Belinda R. Ellenburg  EISI PVF  
Thanks for your time with us! I know everyone who worked with you learned a great deal. We will see you again!
Mark O’Day  Controller Service  
"We learned very quickly that Zerion would provide us unmatched services that proved essential to our success. We saw a real value for our money; and, even though we knew we weren’t, Zerion treated us like the biggest client they’d ever worked with."
Rob Livingston  Greensboro Pipe  
"I have been sending anything that I can't do myself to Zerion Group.  They are fantastic, thorough, customer oriented and fast. They are comparable in pricing and often less expensive."
Heather Nutbeam  Standard Electric Supply  
"Quick responses, professional employees, easy to work with, and superb service!"
Survey Responder  
“Now we’re able to deliver on whatever demands our customers put on us. Be­cause of the Eclipse soft­ware, and Zerion’s knowl­edge and expertise, we can follow through with our customer satisfaction prom­ise.”
Susan Walker  Independent Electric Supply  
"We worked closely with Tony King, who is extremely knowledgeable on RF and distribution centers. He has a friendly, helpful demeanor which benefited our team tremendously as we worked together to find solutions. We continue to call on him as a resource.”
Tim McNaughton  Stuart Irby  
"We’ve been really happy with how much Zerion has helped us dig deeper into Eclipse. We’re finally streamlining processes and reducing errors. It’s been great!!!"
Angelo Oliverio  Revco Electric  
“He [Tony] actually asked questions about our business to learn how we did things and why we did them; and, he tried to make Eclipse match that business model. That’s why we’re using Zerion again.”
Tom Maples  Kiva Kitchen & Bath  
“Zerion brought a positive attitude, thorough resources, and a degree of level-headedness when everyone else felt lost. We expected a smooth transition and got just that.”
John Milotte  Dulles Electric  
“Zerion is our Eclipse pilot. I know I bought good soft­ware and now I’ve got the best consultant for that soft­ware working for me.”
Lane Garrett  Power Bolt and Tool, Inc.  
"Your company seems to really care about your customers and will do what it takes to solve any problems."
Survey Responder