What to Expect

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Zerion is different. We’re a small company and we’re proud of that. We’ve also sat where you’re sitting. Every one of our consultants has a distribution background and has served “in the trenches”. These experiences help us relate to the challenges our clients face, and enable us to put more focus on you. When you partner with us, you get direct access to: honest people, straightforward answers, fast response times, and comprehensive distribution knowledge. We treat each customer like they’re our only customer; and, we truly care about your business. We pride ourselves on getting our hands dirty to find answers and solve problems. We work hard to offer clear explanations and present the whole picture. And, we always hold ourselves accountable. With Zerion, there’s no bureaucracy, no long waits, and no roadblocks. Simply put, we make it happen. Whatever challenge you’re facing today, let Zerion help you through it.

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The most popular way to engage Zerion, and the best value for your money, is with our EZ Programs. For ongoing support, we offer EZ Support and EZ Performance.
We've helped customers install Eclipse, convert to RF, conduct inventory, and adopt a long-term consulting partner. Learn about our successes from real customer case studies.
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"I just want to thank you so much. Rick [Canida] was such a great help this morning with the PDW issues I am having."
Madine Trotter  ProSource  
I have dealt with many onsite consultants in my career and have never come across anyone with as much knowledge, and the ability to get along with everyone, as Daron.  As you well know we have a large cast of characters here.  The greatest variance in personalities is in our warehouse.  Daron was able to put everyone at ease and got them on board instantly ... I still have employees asking me when he is coming back.
Mike Bell  Hunzicker Brothers  
“Zerion’s people are always upbeat and willing to an­swer questions. They dig into a problem and find out exactly what needs to be done."
Susan Walker  Independent Electric Supply  
"We worked closely with Tony King, who is extremely knowledgeable on RF and distribution centers. He has a friendly, helpful demeanor which benefited our team tremendously as we worked together to find solutions. We continue to call on him as a resource.”
Tim McNaughton  Stuart Irby  
"We have been thoroughly impressed with everyone at Zerion, not only in terms of their knowledge and expertise, but even more so with the integrity and professionalism with which they approach their work.  I’ve rarely seen anyone during my 32 years in business who works harder and cares more about his customer than Rick does."
Adrian V. Toole  Cape Electric Supply  
“A lot of our success stories are about finding the right personality fit and this was it. Whenever you asked a question, he [Tony King] knew the an­swer or he could get you the answer. We knew our people would really respond to him.”
Marilyn Wilson  C&L Supply, Inc.  
"Excellent knowledge along with the right people and training skills needed to share that knowledge in a meaningful and helpful way."
Survey Responder  
"Zerion's service-oriented approach and skilled staff helped us get through our transition to Eclipse."
Survey Responder  
"Great training sessions.  All the presenters have great knowledge and great tips for Eclipse."
Survey Responder